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Invocation & Offering, Resistance

Worship October 13, 2019 Foothills United Methodist Church, Cameron Park, California Theme: Faith as Resistance Invocation Dear God, thank You for being with us all year long, every day, every season, even when we forget. You are the God of miracles and possibilities, and the miracle of the seasons.  Fill our hearts with Your gifts…

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Sample Sermon Titles and Texts

Listed in order of related chapters in Growing Generous Souls                                                                                          Betsy Schwarzentraub   1 “Turning Around” Isaiah 30:15                                                                                                                                                                                Matthew 5:13-15 Can we turn around from compulsive doing toward being the people God created us to be? Reflecting the rhythm of creation by balancing work and rest. See Growing Generous Souls Chapter 1; Ch.…

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Poems of Nature’s Praise (2018)

Long light, waiting earth Golden rays sift through branches Oaks lift trembling praise. ============= Sunset washes woods Goldenrod to deep umber, Brushing creatures’ souls. ============= One by one dying, Golden autumn falling leaves Nourish coming spring. ============= Canada Geese wheeling toward earth in the cold, steely sky, their great wings outstretched to catch unseen currents.…

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Offering and Spiritual Growth

Celebrating the offering is a spiritual discipline. Offering is as much a faith issue as our prayer life and worship. It is a lifeline to a relationship with the One who offers us life and to have it abundantly. While cultural standards say the accumulation of wealth and possessions constitute success, Christian discipleship requires looking…

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Offering Prayer

Gracious and merciful God, We praise you as do the angels And all the heavenly host. We praise you as even all the Creation offers praise. In response to the call of Christ, we Give our lives to you. Even in this moment we celebrate the Love of Christ for us and For the world…

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