Invocation Offering Resistance

Worship October 13, 2019

Foothills United Methodist Church, Cameron Park, California

Theme: Faith as Resistance


Dear God, thank You for being with us all year long, every day, every season, even when we forget. You are the God of miracles and possibilities, and the miracle of the seasons.  Fill our hearts with Your gifts of spirit, love, and grace. Let us be present with You now. Amen.


Offering Opening

Christianity is a religion of meaningful resisting. Let us know when is the right time for sharp edges, for resisting—when to stand up, and likewise, when to sit down. As we have received Your gifts, let us continue to give back of our money, time, and energy, as a people of God.

Dedication of Offering

We offer our treasure and hearts to you as part of Your grace and love. May our gifts be used to pass on the promise of hope, of peace, and of community to all in need of Your gifts and presence in their lives. Amen.

By Coleen Saylor

Used by permission